Saturday, September 27, 2008

Radio Show Tracklist 27 September 2008

Peace Division (ft. Dan Diamond) - Club Therapy (Magic J mix)
Richard Dinsdale - Sniffin'
Kut & Swel - Stone Fox Chase (Tiger Stripes remix)
Sohodolls - Right and Right Again (Jesse Rose remix)
The Teenagers - Starlett Johansson (Blamma! Blamma! remix)
Wrongstars - Battle (Merka remix)
Merka - My Spaceship (Chris Charter remix)
Iz & Diz - Magificent (Justin Martin's No Heart & Soul mix)
Elite Force - Vapour Trail (Kid Blue remix)
Baobinga & ID pres. Big Monster - Jewelz
Goldie-Lox - I'm Convinced He Plays Dice (Ed Kane's Dirtbag remix)
Moston & Malente - F*cked Up
Slyde - Get This Good
Bass Kleph - Bump Uglies (Stupid Fresh 'Wizards In Oz' mix)
MGMT - Electric FEel (Justice remix)
Claude VonStroke - The Whistler (Jesse Rose mix)
Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler (Jesse Rose remix)
Aaren San - Osc Low Nyzz (Blende remix)
The Body Snatchers - Big Ass Mini Skirt



Tom said...

sup man first time i've tuned in fucking loving it eh i was the guy who text you

mattyboy said...

In the year 2000 we will have flying cars and hover skateboards

Haszari said...

Didn't take long for the flying cars to appear, GREAT, that IS the answer I was looking for.

I was just agonising over the rest of this comment, and no, I really can't think past flying cars.

Slag said...

In the year 2000, petrol for your Moller M400 will only cost 97.1 cents a litre.