Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Heaven on a remix

Well, how out of it have I been lately?! In two senses, 1). working so hard I haven't been getting out to do my usual groupie thing & 2). working so hard that when I do get out & about I'm completely mashed. Yeayaa!!

So, my last two favourite gigs of the year: your very own Haszari at Pop, charging! I managed to make it despite swearing I'd never go there again cos of pretentiousness & shoe nazis, & having to reluctantly leave a firey cocktail fuelled game of Texas Holden I'm sure I was winning.
Anyways, was very glad to make a (shortlived perhaps?!) appearance and take full opportunity to be a nutter on the dfloor. Yeana!!
& last Friday, despite being asleep by 10pm following the Library kids Christmas Party, managed to rouse myself, thanks to the 1.30am text, to get down in time for Alf at Bath, to go nutters for his 45 minute filthy electro set (more challenging this time due to complete sobriety) (plus the Rage Against the Machine gem almost killed my mojo) (but was restored & more with Goose's Bring it on - probably a remix - in fact I think it's the Felix Cartel JFK remix. It's heaven).

No big gigs planned for NYE, happily stuck in Dunners with all my favourite friends who are working over the break, so we are gonna take over a three story mansion & I'm fully in charge of the techno electro set. Excited? Hell yea!!
Look out dub'n'drum'n'bass boys, here comes Miss Rogue Electro!


Haszari said...

Yea! Taking over 3 storey mansion - nice.

So are you laptop DJing? Gonna get addicted to the process?

Anonymous said...

I recommend Boris Dlugosch remix of Bring it On.

Going to see this on Sat:


Thug-rave in da house.