Thursday, July 26, 2007

Update: Haszari takes on new PR role for Gabriel & Dresden

Since bringing up the issue of song-destroying monotonous electro remixes, I have gone out and shown my support for the track by buying the old-arse not relevant original mix from that dang beatport.

Just before I did this, I found a presumably old remix competition which had the parts of the song freely downloadable (128k mp3)! Great!

The bonus is that now that I realise the original doesn't have much of an intro, I might be able to give it one with a bit of looping of some of those parts. And I keep the smug "I actually bought this" warm fuzzy feeling.

Slightly curious is that one of the parts is kick and it seems to be eight minutes of kick drum (with gaps for breaks of course). (The others are vocal, bass, drums and music.) I guess this is house music; the kick is pretty important right?

Cheers, Remix Mag and Gabriel & Dresden.


Kelvin said...

So you're on the internet huh? How's it working out for you? Needs more Web 2.0 I reckon; social networks, round corners, big fonts, unicorns and rainbows.
Anyhow, yeah, the kick drum is important for house but it's important for everything right? Except those acoustic guitar playing hippies. Imagine Pantera without a kick drum - complete rubbish.

Haszari said...

Yea everything needs more 2 from where I'm sitting.

You sound like you know a lot about music, you've helped me realise the important role of kick drums in all musical styleez.