Sunday, July 22, 2007

King Unique sacrifices "song" for relevant electro

I heard the King Unique remix of Gabriel & Dresden's "Tracking Treasure Down" on the weekend while helping out with our local house music radio show, Energy Flash on Radio 1.

My reaction was: the original was a great crossover clubby trance pop song, with a very pop/song structure, and King Unique succeeded in using the vocal over a much more constant/monotonous (i.e. the chord changes are not there) electro track.

Which is fine and all, obviously that's more relevant, and that's what I tend to be into a lot of the time, but for me it had the effect of making the vocal fairly irrelevant.

If you want to hear the King Unique remix, listen to the energyflash podcast. If you want to hear the original, get in a time machine and go back to last year and listen to Pete Tong's Essential Selection thru early/mid 2006.


Slag said...

So I saw yr chat yesterday but was having a massive Exchange emergency so couldn't reply.

Here I am though. I would've said a large percentage of remixes do what you've said this one does, but then we all know that things were much better in the good old days.

On another note, there's finally a new YoungPunx podcast.

Haszari said...

Hey I just found out you have to watch (troll they call it?) for comments, you don't get notifications!

Haszari said...

I might buy the original. This one came from the old days of not that long ago so I might be able to play it.

All Awound.