Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My bain and my life

I am so glad this has a spell checker.  It's wonderful.  Beep bloop beep.  I'm a failure at writing words in their correct form without the assistance of technology. Bloop bloop. Message end.


Haszari said...

Curious - you be postin' on ma blog.

You might be interested to know I have a vague plan to migrate this AND cbr to Wordpress.

MishtaNegativity said...

Yes, it's a great story. I was in my email program of choice which is called 'gmail' and clicked on a link labelled as 'blogger' to see where it went and it's all like, "dude, here is the list of blogs you can post on" and I was all like "wwwwhaaaaaaaaaat I didn't know I could make posts on the internet that are longer than 140 characters!!!"