Saturday, May 9, 2009

Beats Reality Kelevra & Fidget House is Special 9th April 2009

Julian Jabre - Vicious Circle (John Dahlback dub)
Daft Punk - One More Time (Sebastien Leger bootleg)
Cops & Robbers - Maximilian
Lee Mortimer - Where The Party At (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Nanotyrranus mix)
Pig & Dan - Heat
The Incredible Melting Man - Gangsta Filth (Dylan Holshausen mix)
Mightyfools - Amsterdam (ft. Guerilla Speakerz) (Dem Slackers remix)
2 Bit Thugs - Tearing Up The Club
Aniki - Dope Girl (original mix)
Menck & Lissat - Attitude (Kelevra's Freaky remix)
Audio Slingers ft. Lesley Williams - Radio Noise (Kelevra's Jacked Up remix)
Will Bailey - The Dutty Clem (Aniki's Will Loves The Bass mix)
Beep - Pastafari (Kelevra remix)
Kelevra - Love You So (ft. Kop Out) (Mightyfools remix)
The Bulgarian ft. Spoek - Crazy Dog Biscuit (Kink remix)
Aquilaganja & Steff Smith - The Wobble (Torvill & Dean Old Skool mix)
Jak-Z - Get Your Ass Up (Kelevra remix)
Tee' Ski & Shab Ruffcut - Jack Da Ripper (Lee Mortimer remix)
Armand Van Helden - Illin It & Fillin It (Lee Mortimer's Wearhouse Music mix)
Dem Slackers - The Joker (Edu K's Bad Boy Stomp remix ft. MC GI Lee Mortimer)
Jaimie Fanatic & Jesse Voorn - Radio Speaker

Beats Reality Radio runs every Saturday 7-9 pm. Tune in to 91FM in the Dunedin area, or get the stream online from Radio 1. Haszari, SoNic Smith and guests play plenty of fresh banging fidget, wobble, electro, breaks, house, tech house, and a lot of other stuff.

The show is podcast every week: get it from You can subscribe with ease from there. Or just search iTunes store for "energyflash" or "haszari" - free to download/subscribe.

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