Friday, December 5, 2008

free mp3: SoNic Smith - Ladies Style (Haszari's Mans Style remix)

Yep, new bits are here from Haszari. I've been fiddling with this for a while but I think now it is ready for blog primetime.

It is my remix of SoNic Smith's Ladies Style. SoNic Smith is a prolific Dunedin producer who makes all kids of breaks, as well as the odd bit of rave d&b and even some acid house flavours. My aim with this mix was to take the bouncy break beat original in a fidget-house direction, maybe with 3% bassline house influence. Pretty happy with how it's turned out.

Here it is for you to download (from zippyshare megaupload because zippyshare went down):


Again my usual arsenal of great open source tools was used to make this, Ardour, which really packs a punch these days (don't buy Pro Tools eh) for all the editing, all LADSPA plugins for the mix/edit and mastering, ZynAddSubFX doing the business as a fat as all heck fake analogue synth (man that is a great softsynth). Go download all that software (just install 64Studio, it's all packaged in there for ya).



braxtor said...

YOOOOOOO THIS SHIT BE BANGIN FO REALS. But seriously is awesome. Well done, now i require you to remix a song and call it the super braxton rework to glory remix! thank you. DO IT :) :)

MishtaNegativity said...

I like it, it's really good. But it's 6 minutes long. My poor attention span is not pleased.

Haszari said...

The link is now dead as the track is out now on Cartoon Beats' CBR001 Ladies Style / The Jacket.

Only $4.99 for a 9 track EP, get yours now! If you need any more convincing (I'm lookin at you Mischa Negger), there's a radio edit on there which is perfect for your "D&B destroyed my attention span" attention span.