Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sounds Good - tracklist 16/08/2008

I do a show on Radio 1 and its tracklists have been on a few different profiles over the years. From now on, they will be here! And potentially with djdownload buy links.

Don't forget you can listen to old and new episodes of the show, as it's a podcast, via podshow aka mevio.

Here's last week's tracklist:
Sleazy-E - How It Looks
DJ Steep - Large oLL (M1 remix)
K.I.M. - Wet & Wild (Riot in Belgium remix)
DJ Sneak - Acid Talks
Nick Supply & Khaled Nimry - Hizniz
Plastikman - Risk Assessment
Cult - Sound of Seduction (Guns & Bombs dub mix)
Afrojack - Hard Love
The Crystal Method - Cherry Twist (Deadmau5 remix)
Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler (Joakim remix)
Grey - Shame On You (Slater Hogan remix)
Crookers - Il Cattivo
Micky Slim ft. Tank - Hit the Club
Relentless - Blitzer Disco
Paul Jacobs pres. Soul Grabber - Motocross Madness
Missoddkidd - Smoke Machine (Dekker & Johan Even Leaner mix)
Elite Force - No Turning Back (Mowgli & Solo remix)
Tittsworth - Broke Ass Nigga (feat DJ Assault, Kenny B, Jinxx &
Frankie Baby)
The Ting Tings - That's Not My Name (LA Riots remix)
Marc Leaf & Drew Scott - Fabulous (Twocker remix)
Sebastien Leger & Chris Lake - Ghost
Soul Of Man - Scatterbox (Mowgli remix)

Thanks to Hope for hooking up the R1 site to here.


(thanks for reading this far)

The R1 stream is now stereo and 44.k, i.e. it sounds good!

There was an uninteresting technical hitch causing the previous lack of quality, which I'll detail in a later blog (if you'd like to hear the story, comment!).


(here are the buy links)

Note that not all the tracks above are present and some have been substituted due to catalogue issues. Like, why is "Word" available when "Ghost" isn't, I thought they were on the same EP (oh right, it's from various compilations)? And, looks like MAD DECENT (Crookers' "Il Cattivo") don't put their stuff on djdownload yet..

In there is the track that Missoddkidd guests on, mentioned on the show, not her track that I played.

Buy this stuff - I get 3-5 cents for every purchase!!!


That'll do said...

Can we comment, even if we don't want to hear the uninteresting story about the technical hitch? Because as exciting as that story sounds, that's not why I'm commenting.

When go to gig#1 tonight (because I know you have 2 bookings tonight, you in-demand DJ you), can you please take the camera and take lots of pictures?

Thanks, I hope you enjoyed your comment.

Slag said...

I do want the technical description.