Sunday, February 3, 2008

Society Page

The exclusive These pretzels are making me thirty event to celebrate DJ Haszari's 30th birthday was held on Saturday night (2nd Feb).
DJ Haszari seen here on the right relaxing at home as the party closed up.

The night started with a BBQ and margaritas while the last rays of sunshine were captured:

Then the celebrations eased into the night with friends and family:

Rocksteady and Electro Groupie

Ella Mental and Sonic Smith

Schraa and Rocksteady



electro groupie said...

oi noice wee selection of photos there! was v glad to make it, fun times! & bonus to discover my fav track of the moment is Rocky Raver. left a haiku on your fridge, think it had vegemite in it...

FlipFace said...

Excellent poster. Applause to thee who made that.
Yummy looking drinks too. Making me thirty. I mean thirsty. I mean thirty.