Monday, October 1, 2007

$2 down the toilet

Last weekend I indulged in an evening out and about on the town, popping into a few of my favourite haunts for a toast here and a dance there, and discovered on a visit to the powder room, someone had dropped $2 down the toilet. This sparked a stimulating discussion about for how much money one would stick their hand down a bar toilet. $50 was the call.

In a recent OUSA pub safety review, unfortunately limited to only those establishments in North Dunedin, it was discovered that the general loo situation here is somewhat disturbing. I would tend to endorse this statement; & this particular powder room has always been a pet peeve of mine, ever since the door got pulled off its rails leaving distinct lack of privacy. Being a private kind of girl I kicked it rather forcibly back onto its rails.
See I always knew those martial aerobics classes would come in handy.

On an alternative note, it would really make my night if bar staff and door staff please know the name of your dj. Now that the fink has finally folded, we have no regular tangible gig guide. We’re not all ignorant teeny bopper slappers, some of us are truly there for the music.
& I’m not talking about the latest remix of total eclipse of the heart.


afraid said...

With a name like 'electro groupie' I don't think you are dissing Total Eclipse of the Heart, but if you are, then... I'm disappointed in you!

Haszari said...

I probably woulda just grabbed the $two dollars bucks and kept quiet about it. Sweet.

Also we all know that the original (?hmm when) Total Eclipse eclipses the arse outta any remix.

PS Welcome welcome!

electro groupie said...

I guess what I was trying to say, telepathically, was that I'm not your average commercial electro groupie.
I'm more into dark dirty noisy pretentious indie mashup grinding underground industrial minimal house, breaks and techno electro.
But you can just call me electro groupie for short.

PS. glad to be here. ta.

MishtaNegativity said...

I would have dropped some more coins in there, maybe it's some sort of wishing well/toilet.
You could have just missed out on your wish being granted by the toilet fairy.

MishtaNegativity said...

I think I might start dropping my change in the loo at work. I'm curious now to see how much it would get to before someone pulls it out.

We can call it a social experiment. (sounds better than 'trying to get a poor coworker to put his hand in the loo').

electro groupie said...

Ahaha! I'm all for social experiments.