Thursday, August 16, 2007

Content time - check that attitude at the door

Instead of kicking off a podcast, which am still 2% reticent on (I think I want to talk and mix on a podcast, watch out), here is a tiny promo mix.

The tracklist goes like this:
1. College - Teenage Color (Russ Chimes mix)
2. Santos - Toilet
3. DJ Busy - Dick In A Box
4. Plump DJs - Something Goin' On
5. Bonde do Role - Gasolina (Crookers Crunk mix)
6. White Trash Kids - Heart Shaped Box
7. Tommy Trash - Slide (Sta mix)


Thanks to the blogs that provided me with the 50% mp3 content and thanks to ME for buying the other half on vinyl.

Thanks especially to Sta for the massivest true-blue-bigroom-house + huge electro remix that is Slide (I guess thanks Tommy Trash for putting the original together, should find out who that damn fine vocalist is too).

Thanks Crookers for being so cool all the time, and thanks Bonde do Role for giving Crookers some ideal grist for their crunk-mill.

And last but not least, thanks Justin Timberlake.


Sta's done a remix of Busy Child by Crystal Method! Better listen to that now.


Let me know any comments whines or opinions in comments here or myspace or in person etc.... cheers.


Slag said...

You'll definitely want to be doing a podcast if you:

(a) want to include your track listing somewhere in the file
(b) have more than 7 lines worth of tracks.

I put the listing in the ID3 comments, it only just fit.

Haszari said...

You speaka da truth, tho I'm not sure the tracklist actually goes _in_ the file for a podcast, I think iTunes just puts it all together in its database from the feedtext+mp3link.

Of course I could be wrong, and that's fine, blog comments are the correct place to hash out such discussions.

This will be the first episode of the podcast when it happens, as mega ape load is gonna delete it one day and we can't have that.

Also I don't like the idea of using meg aup load for no good reason, and in fact on podshow you get cool ads on the beginning and end of your podcast. (you don't on mega)

Slag said...

Can't say I like the Crookers one too much, sounds amateurish.

The White Trash Kids done good though, stayed faithful to the orig., while at the same time dragging it into the 21th century.

'dwatte' is my word verification word.

Haszari said...

Hmm curious, do you think the Bonde do Role sounds amateurish, or the Crookers mix of em?

I am big Crookers fan, I wonder how much you would like their other bits (which sometimes sound a bit different to that one).

Haszari said...

OH BUT my mix out of Crookers is the amateurish bit from me for the mix, fo sho, if that's what you're referring to. Tried to stretch it too far got into a bit of trouble.

You in a whole heap o trouble boy.